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August 13th, 2014: We're on the move again! We've packed up most of our shop to bring to Gerlach!! Last day to order your Playa gear on the website is Monday, August 18th. After that (or if you can't find what you need here) come and see us in Gerlach where we'll have our whole shop set up with tons of awesome stuff!! More info here! Upon our return, look for our next shipment & restock around September 8th!!!

Some new videos - Check out our second offering of Buddhaful "Do Yoga" videos with Dawn Jansen!

And... Buddhaful photo shoots 2013! See some more videos we just pulled out from the archives - silly stuff, behind-the-scenes and more here!

Welcome to Buddhaful... dedicated to spreading positivity, consciousness and UNITY through fashion, art, music and life!

There's a cool write-up about Buddhaful and our shop in DList Magazine! Check it out here! (on page 61)

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