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January 23rd, 2015: Happy New Year! We're cleaning house! Lots of stuff added to our Clearance section and more to come!

*New* ~ Vega Long Sleeve Shrug/Tube Top combo! Just restocked: Yesod coats in Black, Diana Coats in Black, Tan, Charcoal & *New* Burgundy, Busy Bee Hoodies w/ Honeycomb Print in *New* Polycotton Fleece, Busy Bee Hoodies w/ Flower of Life Print in *New* Polycotton Fleece, Busy Bee Hoodies w/ Lotus Subs Print, Crop Jackets in Black, *New* Teal and *New* CharcoalPuffer Vests in Black and White, Flow Pants V.2 w/ Arabic Print in BurgundyLancelot Jackets in Black/Charcoal and *New Limited Edition* Stone WashGevurah Coats in Black, Hive Vests w/ Flower of Life Print, Hive Vests w/ Totem Print, Benders in Black, Olive and *New* Stone Wash, Ganesh Totem Tee and Tree of Life Tees w/ *New* Women's V-neck option!


~ We've moved the Buddhaful offices and showroom to L.A.! Shopping by appointment (call 206.545.6811) ~ Come see us at Big Art Labs, Building 3!

Some new videos - Check out our second offering of Buddhaful "Do Yoga" videos with Dawn Jansen!

And... Buddhaful photo shoots 2013! See some more videos we just pulled out from the archives - silly stuff, behind-the-scenes and more here!

Welcome to Buddhaful... dedicated to spreading positivity, consciousness and UNITY through fashion, art, music and life!

There's a cool write-up about Buddhaful and our shop in DList Magazine! Check it out here! (on page 61)

Call for an appointment: 206-545-6811.

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